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Established in 1995, Dr. Jack Stockwell & Associates, "The Forbidden Doctor," encompasses a N.U.C.C.A. Board Certified Upper Cervical Chiropractor, and two Certified GAPS Practitioners! Together, both Dr. Jack and his wife Mary have over 33 years on the radio discussing forbidden knowledge and sensible know-how! Check out the Forbidden Doctor Podcast!


Why do we call ourselves “The Forbidden Doctor?”

We call ourselves the Forbidden Doctor because we reveal forbidden health secrets and sensible know-how, and we examine some of the biggest secrets the health industry has kept from you! Our philosophy is to support you in your current lifestyle, not change you! We do our work from the inside out. We have two Certified GAPS Practitioners, Clinical Nutritionists, and NUCCA Doctors, all on-site and ready to help you!

What does it mean to be NUCCA Board Certified? 

NUCCA Board Certification is not only the most difficult accreditation to obtain but is also the highest, most prestigious honor available to give any practicing NUCCA Doctor. Dr. Stockwell's skills have reached a level of achievement that only 29 other doctors have been able to attain on planet Earth. He is the only NUCCA Board Certified Doctor from the Mississippi to California!

Check out our Forbidden Doctor Podcast!

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“I’ve lost 16 inches around my waist.”


This 22-year-old girl was constantly sick, catching everything.  She’s never felt good in her body.  She couldn’t hold down a job because she was always sick. She’s had stomach aches her whole life.

It took her 3 hrs to wake up every morning, fatigue, muscle pains, IBS, intense stomach cramping, asthma, heartburn/acid reflux, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, rapid heartbeats, retaining water, mood swings, anxiety & panic attacks, depression, overweight, gluten intolerant etc!

When I did her body scan on the medical equipment it was quite alarming.  So many weakened acupuncture points, liver, heart, gallbladder, skin, connective tissues, lung, nervous system, circulation, spleen etc!  I was really worried about her!  But she was so motivated to have a normal life, she said, "I got plans! I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired, I want to get better so I can live life!"

I immediately started her on the GAPS introduction diet with a personalized regime of supplements.  Within only 1 month, she had serious changes.  I was so impressed with her fortitude and perseverance as it isn’t easy to get through that first week, let alone the first month.

She's had amazing results!  She feels "sooooooo different"!  Here’s what else she said: "I feel light.  I feel I have endurance.  I feel like I can run and not get tired.  I feel amazing!  My energy levels are great.  I don't feel sick all the time anymore!  I've lost 16 inches around my waist!  Stress doesn't affect me as bad.  Things that used to really bother me and depress me or make me angry for the whole day no longer bother me.  I'm able to cope so much better now.  I’m happier and more relaxed."

Can you imagine if this could happen in one month, what could happen in one year? Can you imagine how GAPS could help you?!

- Ambrosia Tuft, BA, MSAS, ACN