Mary's Story

I had just watched my grandmother die... of breast cancer in my mother’s bed, when I found my first breast lumps.  It was 1997 and I was 37 years old.  I found two very hard “lumps” ?? and a larger one next to my arm pit.  I was recently divorced and had five children, from toddlers to high schoolers.  I of course, went to pieces.  My sister flew into town from another city to go to the mammogram appointment with me because I was a not handling this well...


I think the radiologist was in a hurry...wanted to go to lunch or something...and hurriedly came into the room after reading my X-ray's and announced, “I stopped counting your breast lumps at 17, you have many more.  But don’t worry, it’s just Fibrocystic Breast Disease, every woman has it.”  Then, as I recall, he reached over, patted my knee and said, “Come back when it’s cancer.”  And whoosh!  Was gone.

My family, being all medically oriented, said, “Don’t worry Mary, there are all these great chemotherapy drugs!”  (This after watching grandma die after using ALL the chemo drugs available.)  I just went into denial.  Oh, and crossed my fingers.  

There wasn’t ONE discussion of preventing these “harmless” lumps into becoming cancer.  Not one discussion of changing my diet, of supplementing, of anything.  Just trust in medical science - because after all, that’s all we can do!  Graciously, my neighbor gave me a couple books on how to survive cancer, but this just sent me more into denial because I didn’t HAVE cancer - yet. 

Rather than guessing what you need wouldn’t you rather know?

Fast forward: It’s 2014.  I’m still here.  I have NO breast lumps, still have my breasts, and according to a blood test and exam I had recently to get life insurance, “I’m never going to die.”  The insurance company said they would insure me for 1.8 million dollars because I was so healthy!  They said, “Just don’t get hit by a truck.”  (Jack insured me for a cool 1mil . . . so yeah, I’m watching my back.) 


So how did I do it?  Haha!  I can’t tell you!  See, preventive care is almost criminalized in this country.  And I can never say I definitively would have gotten breast cancer because I was never “medically diagnosed” with it.  But since finding my 17+ lumps, my sister has had full blown beast cancer with the standard surgery, chemo and radiation.  My aunt on my father’s side has died of breast cancer after having it twice.  My aunt on my mother’s side has had breast cancer twice.  My other sister’s have “lumps they are watching.”  And I just found out my Aunt on my father’s side has had numerous breast lumps removed and had her Thyroid RADIATED and killed!  (Those barbarians.)  Then there are the basic run of the mill cancer’s everywhere else in my family...

But from all my health issues - almost complete endocrine shut down, along with depression, exhaustion, suicidal thoughts, two failed marriages, etc., all are gone!  And I did it with no drugs!  Not one!  Not even Prozac or thyroid hormones.


So when I tell you I’m confident we can help you with your health problems, I’m coming from a place of conviction.  If I am now functioning with perfect health, you can too.  Even in my OWN case, I can’t use the words: cure, prevent, heal, etc.  These are legal terms, and we no longer have the free speech to use these in any sort of healing sentence.


But I now know how to do “it.”  We have seen thousands of people, after doing the BioMeridian test, and following the personal health protocol that follows, get back their place in this life as happy, productive, healthy people, not spending 40-60% of their life managing their medical afflictions!   One lovely lady comes to mind with such severe narcolepsy she couldn’t even stay awake through the BioMeridian test.  She didn’t sleep at all at night and was on five or six medications for this and other problems.  After about six months of a personal whole food protocol she is sleeping through the night 7-8 hours at a time and is off all her medications!  That is what she is most proud of...”getting off those meds.”

Proper Nutrition & Health is Custom for Each of Us!

It’s not hard.  It’s not terribly expensive, based on the fact that you have to spend money on food anyway, so why not get better with the money you spend?  You actually get better and rebuild (notice how I left out the word heal?) with food.  You actually do.  You’re not plugged into the wall, you have to rebuild with the food you eat.  And based on the health of your blood and how well all your organs, glands and systems are working separately and together, you will um...get better, feel better, and hey, “If you haven’t got your health, what do you have?”  Big medical bills, that’s what.

So come visit our office, or take the symptom survey online if you live far, far away, and let’s get you on the road to health!  It’s so much easier to keep you healthy then to fix you after you’ve gone into a crisis.  Trust me.  It’s easy.



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