The Forbidden Doctor Special Report  |  Hemorrhoids  |  Volume 9

Imagine the time is just right... the music romantic, the dinner satisfying, the conversation bordering on scandalous... 

Your lover has that look in their eyes. The kids are asleep or away for the night. The atmosphere smells of hormones as both your eyes begin to dilate just a little.

The right move of a gentle touch to the other's hand moves both to sit closer and allows those feelings that will very quickly, bring you much, much closer...
Then it hits. It doesn't have a schedule. It never makes an appointment for the right time. Because there never is a right time.  That burning, itching, irritation that demands immediate attention has now taken over every aspect of the next several moments of your life.

Like a fire in the basement, you don't have any time to do anything else or any other activity no matter how pressing until that fire is put out.

It has no morals, it has no belief systems. It is the perfect ruining of any moment at any time. It is just a pure dynamic at work. Doing what seems to be an increasing amount of unwanted appearances.

You cannot ignore it. You cannot put it on hold. You have just entered the seventh circle of hell.
Let's face it. This has been coming on for a while and you have done nothing other than complete silence. You have told no one. Even when you felt the need to drag your backside across the living room carpet, much to the embarrassment of your dog.

When you were at the supermarket you were hiding the itch reliever under the bacon hoping the check out girl would think they were band aids or something, scared to death she would yell, sufficiently loud enough for three aisles in either direction to hear, "oh, you have hemorrhoids!" 

You are not alone. This subject, spoken only in hushed voices, is the number one health searched item on Google in 2012, and probably will be until 2112, because you are forbidden to know a very easy and workable solution to this virtual pandemic.
Creams do not fix the problem, they only forestall the inevitable. Suppositories do the same. They shrink, but they do not fix. And those icky gooey wipes... are we supposed to wear them!! What's next? Kotex™ type sticky pads that stick to your underwear adjacent to your......!
This is not just a "senior" problem. Younger and younger people suffer from this awful malady. And more and more victims are being pointed in that last direction none of us Have you ever felt like you were having a bowel movement of sharp glass shards coming out the bottom end? This is how hemorrhoid surgery victims described their post surgical recovery to me, in my clinic.

As a recent patient described to me..."laying on my stomach, under a local anesthetic, horrified everyone was looking at my bottom, as they pulled the hemorrhoids out and up, one by one, and cut the little beggars off, then with the sweet smell of human cautery, I sank into the deepest level of humiliation I have ever experienced. They even offered a mirror for me to watch. I declined..."


Had I even known she was having this problem, I could have told her this one simple solution that for many of my other patients had wonderful relief in as little as one week.  I don't just mean relief from the pain and the itching; I mean the elimination of the problem. The problem here is that this answer is forbidden. It is forbidden because it smacks up against the pharmaceutical answer, drugs for everything, drugs for anything. In this case, creams, solution, applications, suppositories, and ultimately, surgery.
While they make a lot of money from these creams and potions for hemorrhoids, they pale in comparison to what they make from a whole host of pharmaceutical answers to the other conditions related to hemorrhoids, principally the liver, as well as the kidneys, female problems, colon issues, and, most seriously - the heart.

Problems with hemorrhoids are not problems in and of themselves, they are part of a much bigger and much more serious issue, that of system vein distention. It is just in the lower half of the body the force of gravity does a much more insidious job on our bodies.


Hemorrhoids are just varicose veins of the lower rectum. There are internal and external veins. The external ones do not hurt but their extension out into the blue sky is a serious problem. The internal hemorrhoid is where the pain sensitive nerves are found, and can cause considerable pain, enough to drive the unknowing to the knife.

Again, there is a simple solution that they do not want you to know about. When it was first discovered in America in the 1600's by a botanist form England, it was used by the American Indian for other reasons, as their indigenous diets did not promote hemorrhoids.

Peter Collinson
Peter Collinson
When Peter Collinson took the answer back to England and applied it to other problems the English suffered from, an amazing story emerged. It cured hemorrhoids!

Collinson observed the American Indian using this item as an external poultice for internal injuries and bruises.  So Collinson brought this herb to England for that very purpose.  But what is fascinating and potentially lifesaving, (remember, we knew this way in the 1600), this herb, when the English began to take it internally noticed it's amazing healing effect on "the entire venous system and mucus tissues." 1
When people would complain of conditions involving "congestion, irritation, and a sense of constriction," this herb would be prescribed with very positive results in a relatively short period of time.

Collinsonia Root
Collinsonia Root

As its use spread throughout England reports started coming back to Collinson of its beneficial use for such conditions as: Chronic Laryngitis, chronic bronchitis, but most importantly, its most popular use was in the successful treatment of hemorrhoids.


It has been a popular remedy for a condition of the larynx known as "Minister's Sore Throat."  As word of it's use spread it became an excellent remedy for diseases of the digestive system.  Such as: chronic gastritis and indigestion, especially where the circulation is defective and digestion is attended with pain and nervous system occurring before meals.  

It was also found to be a good remedy for flatulence and gall bladder problems as well as infantile colic!

But of all the internal remedy's it was absolutely the best for hemorrhoids!

And if that wasn't enough, it was found to remedy urinary incontinence, after all other measures failed.  


Well, that should convince most women to at least try this, as incontinence, as reported in my clinic, next to weight loss, is the number one consistently distressing problem facing post-partum women.  


I realize this sounds almost too good to be true.  So at this point, I would like to list the side effects.  Remember, this is an herb.  This is food, not a drug.  So here are the side effects as reported in a treatise on Collinsonia Canadensis in 1904 by: H. T. WEBSTER, M. D., JOHN W. FYFE, M. D., J. M. SCUDDER, M. D., F. J. LOCKE, M. D., H. W. FELTER, MD.

  • No poisonous qualities whatsoever
  • Rapid healing of bruises, skin ulcers and sprains
  • Relief of congestive cough and aphonia (loss of speech)
  • Relief of the irritation of mucus membranes, be it in the mouth, throat, lungs, kidney's, urethra, or rectum.
  • Relief of spasms of the anal sphincter, proctitis and prolapsed anus.
  • Relief of a sense of fullness or of a foreign body in an emptied rectum
  • Great value in the remedy of hemorrhoids in a pregnant female
  • A favorable influence of the digestive processes, improving the appetite, facilitating digestion, and while it passes off through the kidney, exerts a tonic influence upon the entire extent of the urinary tract

The main cause of varicose veins of which hemorrhoids are certainly part of the picture, is a complete lack of tone in the walls of the veins, as well as direct pressure exerted on the venous system by a congested liver.  This is why almost all varicosities occur below the liver.


The almost miraculous effect of this incredible herb is its ability to literally retract or "pull up" the distended veins, beginning in the liver.  


Collinsonia root also has a wonderful action on the tissues and the valves of the heart, relieving irritation, increasing its power to act, and regulating its contractions.

Remember, the human body has a wonderful ability to warn us when there is a problem.  Pain extending down the left arm can indicate a problem with the heart.  A stabbing pain between the shoulder blades can point to a gall bladder issue.  Fungus in the toenails suggests a gut issue.


So it is with vein distention.  The appearance of varicosities, whether as a hemorrhoid or in the veins of the legs, you may rest assured the same thing is happening inside the body where it can't be seen. 


If this is happening to you, or someone you know or love, what has worked for over 400 years since it's discovery by western civilization, can work for them.    


This is nothing to play around with.  These symptoms mean something and are usually indicative of an even worsening condition to follow.  Do not wait around; you need to do something now before surgery IS your only option.


I am forbidden to give you the proper name of this product.  I am forbidden by the FDA to associate a name with the above listed symptoms that might suggest their relief by the use of a non-drug product.  I am forbidden by the manufacture of this product to even its name in connection with the above-named symptoms. Can you imagine that?


This is why I operate under the name of  The Forbidden Doctor©.  What I tell you, I am forbidden to tell you, and its remedy I am forbidden to tell you.  The current state of affairs in modern health care, today dictates that only drugs and surgery can heal.  To suggest that nature's drug store which has served man for thousands of years on this planet, can actually exert a remedial effect on the conditions men suffer from is today considered quackery, witchcraft, and black magic.  That is the sad and sorry state of health care in America today and it is my intent to do something about it.  


Now, I don't want to be burned at the stake, so I ask you to bear this burden with me.  I am offering this product to you, which is known as:

The Forbidden Doctor Protocol #0001

I simply cannot identify the product by name.  This is no game.  If I were to identify the product by name I would lose my source for the product, as the manufacturer also doesn't want to be burned at the stake anymore than I do. But it is important to keep this product available for you - so we will conform to the dictates of the FDA and not mention its name.

So the only way to buy this product without going to a medical doctor and exposing your embarrassing situation is to click on the link and take advantage of this risk-free offer:

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Inasmuch as I have discussed this with patients and on my radio show this product is moving quickly.  And my hands are tied in my ability to supply it, as I am limited by the manufacture ability to produce it.  Supplies are becoming limited.

While I cannot mention the product by name in this letter, I can tell you the name of the herb, Collinsonia Root, named after the English botanist mentioned above. The important information is how it is produced. I have found the manufacturer that "processes the least", in that, the less we touch what nature made, the better its potency and performance. 


My manufacturer has to use very tough hardened steel blades to cut up the root of this herb, also known as "stone root", as the roots of this herb are literally stone-like. Over the centuries they have tried to crush it, to grind it, to tear it apart, only to see the destruction of their equipment. It grinds the grinding stone, instead of the other way around. It dulls the slicing blade so quickly that most harvesters of the herb just leave it in its original form, rather than deal with the obvious manufacturing problems. This leaves the herb in a condition not readily bioavailable to human physiology.


My manufacturer had to develop the technology to reduce this herb to a form such that the body can easily assimilate it and quickly produce the desired results.

How quickly? I have patients that report favorable results in as little as 48 hours for noticeable relief of hemorrhoid pain and symptoms. With varicose veins it takes longer,  (the average being 6-9 months with the suggested dosage) but with the same etiology (cause) as hemorrhoids, the body will use that herb in like manner, in that the distended veins will begin to shrink throughout the body, principally below the liver first. In the case of hemorrhoids, so very quickly.


I have patients with varicose veins everywhere, even on their labia as well as vaginal wall varicosities that extend out the vaginal opening.Humiliating embarrassment does not even begin to describe their feelings about this. They were so anxious to conceive and bear children but had no idea this might be the price for that increased abdominal pressure for such an extended time. And with multiple pregnancies, the problems only worsened. Their collective comment to me, after their hemorrhoids disappeared was simply, "I wish I had known about this a long time ago."


Does it work in even the worst of cases? Yes, but obviously the amount of time involved and the longer you wait as the problem worsens, it will take a little longer to restore that structural integrity of the vein.  


This is something to take care of now. Remember, what is happening on the outside of the body is a warning that something is not right. We do not get varicose veins because we are getting old, though we do. We do not get them because we are pregnant, though we do. We do not get them because we are runners and joggers, or climbers and hikers, though we do. We do not get them because of hard physical labor or body building, though we do.

We get varicose veins, and it's companion, hemorrhoids, for one major reason, malnutrition. We have missed some the essential nutritional foods necessary to rebuild and keep strong the walls of our arteries and veins. Not only do our blood vessels weaken on the outside of the body so visible with the appearance of the varicosities, but the same thing is happening inside. So don't delay. Order this incredible product now while it is available. 


Along with the product I will include a list of the essential foods that you can include in your diet to underscore the work of the herb so this problem goes away forever. In the meantime this product will quickly restore the size and shape of the veins involved.

The Forbidden Doctor Protocol #0001

These five products work very well together to aid and support the bodies ability to heal itself from this nasty, inconvenient, exasperating, embarrassing, disabling, vacation wrecking, itching, burning, devil from the 7th circle of hell. So go ahead and pick and choose individual products as you see fit, but we know from experience, this protocol works much better together with all the forbidden products above... 


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