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Dr. Stockwell’s light touch, cervical expertise is renowned. We’re very proud of our impact on people’s lives. Here are some of our favorite testimonials:

These are the latest reviews - nothing has been edited:

Dallas H.

“After my 1st correction with Dr. Jack, I got in my truck and noticed I had to adjust my rearview mirror about 1 inch up, so I could see behind me. And my brother tells me that I am at least an inch taller now. He’s a little upset about that because I’m taller than he is now, but he’s so happy that he recommended I see Dr. Jack because many other pains I had have now gone away.”

Judy G.

“If you’re interested in finding less invasive, more natural ways to good health, Dr. Stockwell and his staff are fully qualified to help you do just that. Dr. Jack’s correction of my neck problems ended years of headaches. Their nutritionists analysis and suggested supplement regimen have greatly decreased my problems with Irritable Bowel. This is the place for good health.”

“NUCCA is the way to go!”


“The staff is great about working with you and your schedule, and Dr. Jack will treat/talk to you like family. We have to come from several hours away so they do what they can to help with our difficult situation.”

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“Dr. Stockwell Saved Me!”

Dr Stockwell saved me!! I had digestive problems for years. Doctors tried everything and nothing helped. Finally someone recommended him and thought they were crazy because how could a neck adjustment help my digestion?! But it did!! About a week after my first adjustment I could finally eat a meal without so much pain!

Nicole L.

“I Feel Normal Again”

Whenever I see Dr. Jack Stockwell, I always feel better. Headaches and muscle pains leave and I feel normal again.

Russ H.

“Back Pain Nearly Gone”

After my initial visit and only one adjustment the pain in my back is nearly gone. I am so grateful. I’m looking forward to doing the Meridian Scan.

Jennifer S.

“Amazing Healing Care And Pain Relief”

I highly recommended Dr. Stockwell & Associates and have recommended them to family and friends who are now his clients. I suffered terribly with vertigo and was unable to work or do simple daily tasks but through the skilled care of Dr. Stockwell he has relieved my vertigo and I am fully functioning. I also had back and hip pain… gone. Thank you Dr. Stockwell for your amazing healing care and pain relief!

Christina V

“God Bless You Guys”

I have had physical pain, hearing loss, and many other challenges. No joke, Dr. Jack has helped so much. I have referred maybe 10 people who have all been so happy with the lasting result from just a couple visits to a few! God bless you guys!

Ivun S.

“Finally Getting Relief”

Dr. Stockwell & Associates is a great place to get upper cervical chiropractic care. They are very caring & knowledgeable and I am finally getting relief after years of chronic back pain.

Christy A.

“Nothing Short Of A Miracle”

After sustaining an injury severely affecting the use of one of my limbs I found myself with little hope of living without pain or normal function. While my treatment with Dr. Jack has just begun, I consider the initial immediate results nothing short of a miracle.

John N.

“Can’t Believe The Difference”

I can’t believe the difference in how I feel!! A regular chiropractor can only take you so far. Dr. Jack has fixed my neck, my pain levels are almost nonexistent, only go once a month now unless I overdo it. He’s the best discovery ever!! Feel 100% better!!

Stacy G.

“Saved Me From Surgery”

Saved me from surgery almost 5 years ago and continue to be my go-to if I need ad-hoc adjustments. Great and friendly staff is an added bonus!

Gary A.

“15 Years Of Great Service”

Dr. Jack is awesome! I can’t believe it has been 15 years of great service. He has provided me with a better quality of life. If I hadn’t seen him when I did, I don’t know what my condition would be today. Many thanks!

Jacqueline M.

“Very Impressed”

Very impressed with my progress. Alignment is staying in place and has relieved much my lower back pain and limb numbness. Started taking Long Life Energy Enzymes about a year ago. I feel this has really helped improve my energy level.

Terry M.

“Wonderful Healer”

Dr. Stockwell is a wonder healer. My first appointment took me from horrible pain to low pain and being on the road to recovery. He’s the best.

Martin D.