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Dr. Stockwell’s light touch, cervical expertise is renowned. We’re very proud of our impact on people’s lives. Here are some of our favorite testimonials:

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“Haven’t had a seizure in months”

I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 24 years old. In the last 2 years it worsened. I was desperate and didn’t know what to do. I visited Dr. Jack Stockwell about 4 months ago and haven’t had a seizure for almost 3 months! This has been the longest I have ever gone in years. He is truly a miracle worker. The staff is also amazing. I’m so happy and so relieved to start living my normal life again.

Giselle C 2024

“No cracking or aggressive movements”

Dr.Stockwell and his office are amazing. I have been seeing Dr.Stockwell for a few months and after the first visit, I definitely felt better, my neck pain is pretty much gone and my dizziness has slowly gotten better. I don’t need to see him as often as I did in the beginning only when I need it and am feeling dizzy.

He puts your body back in alignment and you just feel better. I’ll never go to another chiropractor again, there’s no cracking or aggressive movements. It’s pretty amazing what he does. I 100% recommend him, he’s worth the investment. It’s worth having a consultation with him and finding out for yourself what he can do for you.

Eleni K 2023

“Miracle worker!”

Jack Stockwell is absolutely a miracle worker!! He has helped me overcome pain that I thought would be with me for the rest of my life. I can never thank him enough. I would highly recommend his services. His office staff is also fantastic.

Paul C 2024

“Never felt better”

Dr Jack Stockwell is the man and so is his whole team! I had been experiencing neck pain and hip issues for years after getting out of the military. I saw multiple chiropractors and was never fixed. Dr. Stockwell has a process where he analyzes your entire structure of your body over a couple hours and develops a plan to get you “straightened” out. I’ve been seeing him for 8 months now and I’ve never felt better. Highly recommend his team and services.

Bryson M 2024

“Kind and gentle” from a dentist!

Dr Jack is great! He’s kind, gentle and is a fantastic clinician. I’ve seen doc for 3 years now, after moving up from California and being referred to Dr Jack from the NUCCA provider I had been seeing for 7 years in California. His treatment has absolutely helped my back and neck pain that was caused over the 20 years of practicing dentistry.

Mark P. 2023

“Pain and numbness solved!”

“Dr. Stockwell is a pioneer in ways of helping your body heal. He solved pain and numbness from an injury that for years a neurologist couldn’t figure out. Dr. Stockwell is by far the best in his field of study.”

Steven S 2023

“Pain free!”

“I had been suffering with pain in my neck and shoulders for 17 years. On my first appointment with Dr. Stockwell he told me my neck was really out of place (Visible on “pre” Xray’s). He worked his magic and I have finally been pain free.” – Heather D.

Heather D.

“Never Disappoints”

“Dr. Stockwell has an incredible wealth of knowledge! He recommended Ageless Thyroid for my hot flashes with great results! And his staff has always been very positive. Dr. Jack is my go-to person for any medical issues I have. He has been my doctor for over 20 years and he never disappoints!” – Carol J.

Carol J.

“We Owe Our Health and Our Happiness to Dr. Stockwell!”

“I have been a patient of Dr. Stockwell’s for the past 15 years. He has quite literally saved my health and then my life , first by realigning my neck and later but sharing what supplements would tame my dangerously overactive thyroid. Not only is he a gifted practitioner as a chiropractor but he and Mary have made a lifelong study of natural healing and health. When my husband and I married 6 years ago, he suffered from intense neck and back pain. Dr. Jack was able to help him as well and he has been pain free ever since with regular adjustments as he needs them.” – Dawn H.

Dawn H.

“I Am Forever Grateful!”

“Dr. Jack helped my 7 year old daughter become herself again! She was suffering from periods of extreme nausea and anxiety that he identified as symptoms of her inability to regulate the ‘fight or flight’ response. He identified three misalignments in her x-rays. One session and she held her alignment…we have had 5 follow up appointments where he never had to adjust her again. Thank you, Dr. Jack…your knowledge radically improved her emotional, mental and physical foundation for the rest of her life.” – Danielle C.

Danielle C.

“I Highly Recommend Dr. Stockwell”

“I’ve been going to Dr Stockwell for almost 12 years with various back problems. His corrections have fixed my problem every time. I have had bent and twisted head, bulging discs and misaligned hips to name a few. His knowledge of the body and ability to explain what is happening is incredible.” – Vincent C.

Vincent C.

“This place is amazing!”

“This place is amazing. I came in about a month ago and got adjusted by Dr. Jack and got my hips aligned and I feel like a new man. Been back a few times now and I got a BioScan as well and learned a lot about how the gut and organs effect your whole body. I think anyone could benefit in some way from coming into Dr. Stockwell & Associates. They’ve been great to me.” – Tyler C.

Tyler C.

“I am at least an inch taller now!”

“After my 1st correction with Dr. Jack, I got in my truck and noticed I had to adjust my rearview mirror about 1 inch up, so I could see behind me. And my brother tells me that I am at least an inch taller now. He’s a little upset about that because I’m taller than he is now, but he’s so happy that he recommended I see Dr. Jack because many other pains I had have now gone away.” – Dallas H.

“This is the place for good health”

“If you’re interested in finding less invasive, more natural ways to good health, Dr. Stockwell and his staff are fully qualified to help you do just that. Dr. Jack’s correction of my neck problems ended years of headaches. Their nutritionists analysis and suggested supplement regimen have greatly decreased my problems with Irritable Bowel. This is the place for good health.” – Judy G.

“NUCCA is the way to go!”


“The staff is great about working with you and your schedule, and Dr. Jack will treat/talk to you like family. We have to come from several hours away so they do what they can to help with our difficult situation.”

Wyoming Cowboy Craft

“Dr. Stockwell Saved Me!”

Dr Stockwell saved me!! I had digestive problems for years. Doctors tried everything and nothing helped. Finally someone recommended him and thought they were crazy because how could a neck adjustment help my digestion?! But it did!! About a week after my first adjustment I could finally eat a meal without so much pain!

Nicole L.

“I Feel Normal Again”

Whenever I see Dr. Jack Stockwell, I always feel better. Headaches and muscle pains leave and I feel normal again.

Russ H.

“Back Pain Nearly Gone”

After my initial visit and only one adjustment the pain in my back is nearly gone. I am so grateful. I’m looking forward to doing the Meridian Scan.

Jennifer S.

“Amazing Healing Care And Pain Relief”

I highly recommended Dr. Stockwell & Associates and have recommended them to family and friends who are now his clients. I suffered terribly with vertigo and was unable to work or do simple daily tasks but through the skilled care of Dr. Stockwell he has relieved my vertigo and I am fully functioning. I also had back and hip pain… gone. Thank you Dr. Stockwell for your amazing healing care and pain relief!

Christina V

“God Bless You Guys”

I have had physical pain, hearing loss, and many other challenges. No joke, Dr. Jack has helped so much. I have referred maybe 10 people who have all been so happy with the lasting result from just a couple visits to a few! God bless you guys!

Ivun S.

“Finally Getting Relief”

Dr. Stockwell & Associates is a great place to get upper cervical chiropractic care. They are very caring & knowledgeable and I am finally getting relief after years of chronic back pain.

Christy A.

“Nothing Short Of A Miracle”

After sustaining an injury severely affecting the use of one of my limbs I found myself with little hope of living without pain or normal function. While my treatment with Dr. Jack has just begun, I consider the initial immediate results nothing short of a miracle.

John N.

“Can’t Believe The Difference”

I can’t believe the difference in how I feel!! A regular chiropractor can only take you so far. Dr. Jack has fixed my neck, my pain levels are almost nonexistent, only go once a month now unless I overdo it. He’s the best discovery ever!! Feel 100% better!!

Stacy G.

“Saved Me From Surgery”

Saved me from surgery almost 5 years ago and continue to be my go-to if I need ad-hoc adjustments. Great and friendly staff is an added bonus!

Gary A.

“15 Years Of Great Service”

Dr. Jack is awesome! I can’t believe it has been 15 years of great service. He has provided me with a better quality of life. If I hadn’t seen him when I did, I don’t know what my condition would be today. Many thanks!

Jacqueline M.

“Very Impressed”

Very impressed with my progress. Alignment is staying in place and has relieved much my lower back pain and limb numbness. Started taking Long Life Energy Enzymes about a year ago. I feel this has really helped improve my energy level.

Terry M.

“Wonderful Healer”

Dr. Stockwell is a wonder healer. My first appointment took me from horrible pain to low pain and being on the road to recovery. He’s the best.

Martin D.