The BioMeridian - Personalized Nutritional Programs



What is the BioMeridian?

This revolutionary profiling device is used in various health care practices around the world!

It provides practitioners more information to consider while bringing energetic disturbances into balance.

Get Peace of Mind & Get the Inside Story!


What if I Feel Fine?

The BioMeridian device is able to identify weakened and stressed areas prior to a symptom or disease appearing. Why is that important? Because, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. In this day and age it is becoming more important to prevent illness and disease versus managing a health crisis.

With BioMeridian you can get an overall picture of your health. If a stress or weakness shows up our team of experts will provide recommendations on how to strengthen your body systems using whole food nutrition.


Do you remember when you were a teenager & you could eat anything?




First, you consult with your Personal Health Profile professional about your current state of health and lifestyle.


Second, your Personal Health Profile professional will test your meridian points using state of the art, FDA approved technology.


Finally, your results are reviewed by Dr. Stockwell personally and address the foundational causes of disease by correcting your ability to absorb nutrients and excrete toxins. Once that is accomplished we then begin to nourish your body.


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